Reinstate the 507

Reinstate the 507

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Residents propose a fix to Queen streetcar route

Reinstate the 507TransitSpacing Toronto

As Transit City pushes forward — the Finch LRT was approved yesterday at city council — with the goal of providing reliable public transport to the forgotten reaches of the inner suburbs, it will be a challenge to ensure that areas of existing coverage aren’t forgotten in the process. The residents of the southwestern communities of Mimico, New Toronto and Long Branch have become a vocal and organized group, claiming they have already been forgotten. ar from just complaining however, residents in the area have a plan for action, and they’re pitching it aggressively.

Marcus Bowman
27 January, 2010


wrote 7 years 39 weeks ago


My views on the 507 streetcar

The TTC itself admits that a large percentage of the traffic along the Lakeshore never leaves Ward 6. You see it every morning. The streetcar empties at Kipling for students going to school. Another exodus at Mimico Ave. Proper service would increase local usage. The TTC has to do something. 2029 is a long way away. I’d like something in place before I get an Old Age Pension.

I have another long term idea as well for the Waterfront LRT. A partial line is already built. Union Station to the Exhibition already exists. The line could easily be taken to Dufferin along city owned property. The city also owns the land that is now advertising along the edge of the Lakeshore. Run along it underneath Parkdale and come up at Roncesvalles. Have a dedicated light for left turning TTC separate from cars. Currently the 504 and 508 are bottlenecked. crossing the Queensway. Use the existing tracks along the Queensway to the Humber Loop. I believe it would be alot less expensive than their current proposal because so much of it exists.

Right now, I usually bike to work. When I don’t I take the TTC to work. In the morning it is pretty reliable. I never take it home. It can take 90+ minutes to get home from Front and Bathurst. The times I have, I stand with a bunch of others in front of a Coffee Time to see which will come first. The 501 or 508. I take the GO to Long Branch. A twenty minute walk to the Ex, 15 minute walk home and a 13 minute ride are much more convenient.

Matthew Day
wrote 7 years 33 weeks ago


No where to get in touch with website administrators

I apologise for putting this comment here, but thereès no way to send comments directly to the website admin. There should be a .php forum here, so that people can easily be drawn into discussion, and retained as regular visitors. It should also be as easy as possible to join, so that when people have something to say, they just do so. This is a good looking site, but based on the low level of commenting activity, it isnèt being taken up by local residents.

wrote 7 years 33 weeks ago


Suggestions are more than welcome

Hi Matthew,

We do indeed have a contact space, under the Contact Us page at the bottom of every page. It is a form that goes directly to us. Perhaps there is a better location for it.

We appreciate the feedback. There are a number of plans and changes in the works to start building this website into the resource it should be. Our improvements have been put on a temporary hiatus, however, as we prepare for the lakeshore community planning conference. If you haven't yet signed up, be sure to do so!

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