Reinstate the 507

Reinstate the 507

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Split the Queen 501, argue west-enders

Reinstate the 507TransitToronto Star

After more than a year of tinkering with the management of Toronto’s iconic Queen streetcar line, the TTC is still stranding some west-end riders up to three-quarters of an hour even during rush periods, according to residents along the Queensway and Lake Shore Blvd.

They want the TTC to restore a separate 507 Long Branch route that would run from the west, then up Roncesvalles to Dundas West.

Tess Kalinowski
4 May, 2010

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wrote 8 years 41 weeks ago


TTC Report on LPC's 507 to Dundas West proposal

The TTC report will be discussed at the TTC Commission Meeting


Thursday, May 6, 2010
1:00 PM (deputations generally starts at 2:00 pm)

Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West

Mike Olivier from the Lakeshore Planning Council and Steve Munro will be speaking in support of the 507 streetcar service from Long Branch to Dundas Street West Subway Station.

More information available on the following website:

It is still unclear if Councillor Grimes is supporting the reinstatement of the 507 streetcar from Long Branch to Dundas West Station. 


Please contact Councillor Grimes <> and ask that he support the community's proposal for a streetcar from Long Branch to the Dundas Street West Subway Station.

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