2521 - 2543 Lake Shore Boulevard West

2521 - 2543 Lake Shore Boulevard West

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2523 Lake Shore Blvd W- Heritage Impact Assessment /OPA

2521 - 2543 Lake Shore Boulevard WestEnvironment & SustainabilityHeritageInc.E.R.A. ArchitectsmimicoLongoHeritageDevelopmentAssessment
DescriptionAugust 2011, Prepared for the Longo Development Corporation
Friday, November 25, 2011
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2523 Lake Shore Boulevard West HERITAGE IMPACT ASSESSMENT / OPA Au gust 201 1
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L ongo D evelopme nt Corp oration 200 Ronson Dr., Suite 102 To ronto, Onta rio M9W5Z9
PRE PAR ED BY: E. R.A. Architects Inc. 10 St. Mary Street, Suite 80 1 Toronto, Ontario M4Y IP9
08-023-01 MMI
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Property Location and Gene ra l Description
Present Owner Contact
Existing Heritage Recognition
Heritage Designation Progress
STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE 3.1 Descri ption of Property
3.2 Statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
3.3 Description of Heritage Attributes
3.4 Evaluation for Cultural Value
5.2 Conservation Strategy Objectives
5.3 Impact of the Proposed Conservation Strategy
RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS OF ORMSBY HOUSE A.l Contextual Value A.2 Historical Occupancy and Significance
A.3 Property Description and Significance
A.4 Site Evolution
A.5 Ormsby Estate House: 2523 Lake Shore Blvd W.
INVENTORY OF ADDITIONAL BUILDIN GS ON THE PROP ERTY B.l Coach House: 2539 Lake Shore Blvd W. B.2 Gardens and Landscape
B.3 Row House and Dwelling : 5-9 Douglas Blvd & 2531 Lake Shore Blvd W
B.4 Duplex: 2533 & 2535 L Shore Blvd W
ake B.5 Apartment Buildings: 2521, 2255, 2529, 253 1, 2573 & 2543 Lake Shore Blvd W
CITY OF TORONTO, INTENTION TO DESIGNAT E state s) - Intention to C.l Lake Shore Boulevard West and Douglas Boulevard (Mi mico E Designate under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act, March 21 2011 C.2 Letter of Reco mmendation from the Toronto Preservation Board, Ap ril 1, 2011
C.3 Decision Document, Etobicoke York Community Council, April 21, 2011
Figure 1. Cove r Image: South Elevation of Ormsby House, 192 3. (BjW Ph otograph, Sheridan Nurseries Archi ves.)
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The purpose of this Heritage Impact Assessment (H IA) is to provide information on th e est, (which encompasses all of the heritage resources of 2523 Lake Shore Boulevard W buildings from 2521- 2543 Lake Shore Boulevard W est), in order t o establish a conservation strategy and to consider options for the conservatio n of the heritage attri butes. This HIA is being submitted as part of the OPA Application Fi le No.: 11 173938 WET 06 OZ and should be read in respect to proposed drawings provided by Grazian i + Corazza Architects Inc. (GC Architects), April 2011, Landscape Concept Framewo rk from The M BTW Group as well as Appendix A: Research & Analysis, Ap pendix B: In ve ntory of Additional Buildings on the Property and Appe ndix C: C of T ity oronto Intention to D nate. esig The property at 2523 Lake Shore Blvd W was added to the City's Inventory of H eritage Properties on September 27, 2006 with the pri mary addresses 2523 Band 2539 B noted. On March 21, 2011, the City issued an Intention to Designate report whi ch included several other addresses on the larger property. The co mplete list includes; 2523 & 2527 Lake Shore Blvd W, 2533 - 2535 Lake Shore Blvd W 2539A & 2539 B L Shore Blvd W, , ake 2541 - 2541A Lake Shore Blvd W, and 5, 7 and 9 Douglas Blvd. The property located at 2523 Lake Shore Blvd W, also referred to as 2521 - 2543 Lake Shore Boulevard West, includes t he muni ci pal addresses of 252 1, 2523 , 2525, 25 27, 2529, 2531, 2533, 2535, 2537, 2539, 2541, 2543 and 25 23A - 2539A, 2523B - 2539B Lake Shore Boulevard West and 5, 7 & 9 D ouglas Boulevard and is now called Amedeo Garden Court Apartments. The property consists of several bui ldin g forms including: an estate house designed by architect Frederic k Henry Herbert, a coach house, a residential single family dwelling, 2 sets of townhouses an d 6 apa rtm ent buildings. The site also contains a variety of gardens, a portion of whi ch was designed by celebrated C anadia n landscape architects Dunington-Gru bb. Of heritage interest are t he 2 1/ 2 storey Ormsby House, c. 1908 and the Fountain C ourt and t he Green Co urt, c.1920. Bounded by Lake Ontari o ou to the south, Lake Shore Blvd W to t he north and D glas Blvd to t he east, the property offers an understanding of t he history an d evolution of the waterfront property and its continually evolving relations hip wit hi n the greater neighbourhood. This development strategy acknowledges t he outco me of the Mim ico 20/20 Community Workshop that took place on June 16, 2007 and considers the site's co nnection to t he Waterfront Trail Linear Park proposed in the Planni ng Repo rt dated January 15, 2008. The intention of this report is to furth er discussion with the City as a means to determine the best, most balanced approach for the preservation of t he property's heritage resources and t he property's ca pacity to su pport the neighbouri ng com mun ity.
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F igure 2. 252 3 Lake Sh ore Blvd. W (Bing M aerial photo graph with annota tio n by ERA) aps
For the proposed redeve lopment of 2523 L ake Shore Blvd W, Longo Development Corporation has retained GC Architects In c. as the L ead Architect and ERA Architects Inc. as the project's Heritage Co nsu ltant. ERA Architects Inc. has prepared this Heritage Impact Assessment with respect to: The Mimico 20/20 report ; t he Province of Ontario's 2005 Provincial Policy Statement for the regulation of development and use of land; Part IV of the Onta rio Heritage Act; and the C ity's Official Plan. The purpose of this HIA is to assess and evaluate the follo win g: • • • The cultu ral value of the pro perty; The general co nditio n of the exi sting buildings; an d The potential im pact of t he proposed redevelopment on th e he ritage resources.
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Or ms by House Ga rdens - Amedeo Garde n Co urt Apartments Property Outli ne
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Figure 3. Orm sby House & Ga rden s, 2523 Lake Shore Blvd W. (City of Toro nto Property Data Map, annotation by ERA)
Sit uated in the fo rm er Village of Mimi co, th e pro perty is located at 2523 Lake Shore Blvd W Etobicoke, Ontario. Th e property stretches between L Shore Blvd Wand Lake , ake Ontari o. D glas Road abuts t he east side of the property and provides additional access. ou The site contains a nu mber of building fo rm s in cluding : a 2 1/ 2 storey former estate home, a coach hou se, a residentia l sin gle fami ly dwellin g, 2 sets of townho uses, and 6 apartment buildi ngs. The open space throu ghout t he site co nsists of pa rking, as well as pu blic an d private ga rden areas.
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L ongo Developme nt Corporation 2527 Lake Shore Bouleva rd West Toronto, ON, M8V 1E5 Phone: 416-249-8181 Fax: 416-242-6468 A : Dino Longo TTN
2523 Lake Shore Boulevard W is included on the C of T est ity oronto's Inventory of Heritage
Properties and is listed as 'Mimico Estates'.
(Website: http://a pp.toronto.ca/HeritagePreservation/setup.do ?actio n=i nit).
On March 21, 2011 the C Planning Division issued Lake Shore Boulevard West and
ity Douglas Boulevard (Mim ico Estates) - Intention to Designate under Part II!, Section 29 of
the Ontan"o Hen"tage Act. The staff report reco mmendin g designation was deferred until
the resolution of the M imico 20/ 20 Revita lization Initiative.
Heritage Property Detail
Ward 6 Status l..Jsted Sep 27 2006 Li st Date Intention Date By-Law NJA Part IV Date Part V Date Heritage District NJA District Status NJA Heritage Easement Ag Registration Date Building Type Architect/Builder Cons truction Yr Details Mimico Estates Demoliti on Date Primary Address 2523 B-2539 B LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Figure 4. August 2011 Heritage Property Index
(http://JPp.toro nto.ca/He ritag ePreservation / detai ls. do 'folderRsn=24 39050& propertyRsn=7 08181)
Since 2008 ERA Architects Inc. has partici pated in va rious pLa nni ng an d vlslo nin g imico 20/20 RevitaL ization Initiative in coordinatio n with the proposed sessions for the M redeveLopment of 2523 Lake Shore BLvd W est. Va rious parties were invoLved in t he community participation sessions including City PLa nning and Heritage Staff as weLL as the Ward 6 Councillor. On March 21, 2011 the City HPS issued a staff report titled Lake Shore Boulevard West and Douglas Boulevard (Mimico Estates) - Intention to Designate under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act. The report outLi nes the cuLturaL he ritage va L of t he ue property and its significance as a "rare survivi ng exa mpLe of a reside ntiaL compound on the Lake Ontario shoreLine... " (Staff Report, March 21, 2011 , p.10). It goes furth er to suggest aLL remnants of the waterfront estate, including L ater residences and amenities, may be of equaL importance and integraL to representing the originaL use and deveLop ment of the site. The report does not prioritize t he buiLdings and does not ack nowLedge or evaLuate the Low-rise apartments that were co nstructed on the site in the ea rLy 1950s th at are stitt present today. While it is true that the property was, in its originaLform, an exempLa ry representation of a waterfront estate, the site aLso ex hi bits a co ntinuaL evoLution that reL ates to the Larger context of Mimico. After A.B. Orm sby soLd the property, Ja mes Franceschini constructed additionaL housing and amenities for hi s horses, whiLe later the site became a low-rise residential compLex. As a result the site has bee n modifi ed substantially since 1906 when it was primarily inhabited as a summer residence (later de molished). This HIA report sets out to prioritize t he heritage resources in a way whic h allows t he conservation of integral he ritage me rits while also permitti ng t he co ntin ued evolution of the site. This property presents an op portunity to reco nnect the site with its waterfro nt setting in a way which would be mea ni ngful to both the proposed redevelopment and t he larger surrounding community as already co ntem plated t hroug h the initia l phase of the Mimico 20/20 Revitalizatio n Process.
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3.0 3.1
The property at 2523 L Shore Blvd Wis situated on the south side of th e boulevard ake and is bounded by D ouglas Road to t he east and Lake Ontario to the south. The site is co mprised of various residential building ty pes, all of whi ch are mai ntained as rental units. The heritage reso urces on the property include: Ormsby House, (Frederick Henry Herbert 1908), a 2 l /Z storey fo rmer estate house centrally located within the property, and the Fo untain Co urt and Gree n C rt (Dunington -Grub b 1920), re mnants of the original ou landscape located on t he south side of the house.
The following is a draft Statement of Significance prepared by ERA Architects Inc. The Ormsby House was constru cted in 1908 by architect Frederick H enry Herbert as a year-round residence by the lake for A.B. Ormsby. The house is clad with heavy, random­ cut rusticated white li mestone and cement stucco gables. The stee p-pitch roof is slate­ clad with dormers and is framed by large limesto ne chimney stacks on both the east and west side whi ch are complimented by quarter- round windows. The principle elevations are oriented towards Lake Shore Blvd W to the north and Lake Ontario to the south. The property itself is comprised of 5 narrow lots. In 1920, A.B. Ormsby commissioned Duni ngto n-Grub b to design a landscape plan which was completed by 1923. Laid out on an axial grid, the garden framed long sweeping vistas towards the lake and provided an array of pastoral settings in cluding: the Fountain Court, the Green Court, the T House, the Rockery, the Rose Garden and the Park. ea In 1925 the estate and property was sold to Ja mes Francesc hini . It is suspected that Franceschini completed major renovations to the house and property by 1929, including the expansion of the north rooms onto the exterior entry where limestone pilasters now enclose the original outdoor verandah. Elliptical-arched windows with fan lights and French doors frame flanking rooms on either side of the now recessed entrance. Additional traces of the renovations are prese nt throug ho ut the ho use where detailed wood and plaster mOUldings adorn wa lls, windows, and firepla ces. In 1951 the property was sold to the L ongo D lopment Corporation. By 1953 six rental eve apartment bui ldings, designed by Stamford and Wilso n Architects, were constructed on the site. In 1973 Ormsby House was co nverted into a multi-tenant dwelling. L ongo Development Corporation still owns and maintains the pro perty as a residential complex today.
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The following is a draft Descriptio n of H eritage Attrib utes prepared by ERA Architects In c. The physical attributes t hat co ntri bute to the cult ural heritage value of t he pro perty relate specifically to Ormsby House and its related gardens. Key heritage attri butes of 2523 L Shore Blvd Winclude: ake BUILDING A TTRIBUTES:
Exterior • North-south buildi ng orientatio n; • 2 1/ 2 storey house, flanked by wide limestone clad chi mney stacks on both t he east and west elevations; • Coursed random-cut rusticated limestone claddin g; • Steep-pitched gable roof clad in slate wit h do rmers on both the north and south principle elevations which form part of the original house; • The south-facing veranda h and seco nd storey ba lcony, which were later enclosed and modified; • Limestone dressed enclosures on the north elevation, whi ch form part of later renovations. Interior • Entry sequence including main hall wit h grand staircase and gilded ceiling, which have been extensively altered fro m t he original desig n; • Dining Room sequence with ba rrel vau lted cei ling, dark wood pane ling and built-in cabinetry framing a view t hroug h t he so uth -facing po rch to t he gardens; • Stylized plaster and wood mouldings on wa lls and ceilings throughout as well as carved embellis hments on windows, doo rs an d fire places; • Double sided wood staircase, complete wit h carved balusters and decorative finials flanked by dark wood paneling and gilded wood ceilin g with chandelier, which is part of later ren ovation s.
LANDSCAPE A TTRIBU TES: • Two remai ning gardens, namely the Fo untain C ourt and Green Court, laid out on an axial grid; • Credit Valley limestone pavers th ro ugh out t he garde n; • Origi nal garden walls constructed fro m the same rando m-cut ru sti cated li mestone, comp lime nted by ro d iron gates and sphere-shaped stone fi nials; • Li mestone carved balustrade and remnants of the original fountain .
S'1 re Blvd W
P9. II
The purpose of t he foLLowing eva luation is to prioriti ze the va lue of each individual buildi ng (an d eleme nts) on the site in response to the City's Inte ntion to D esignate report dated Marc h 21, 2011. The evaluati on was do ne usin g the Ontario Heritage Act criteria for heritage value assessment, the sa me criteria used in the City's assessment of Mimico Estate. The criteria for determini ng cultural heritage value or interest is listed below. The evaluation chart on the facing page details the assess ment of each property.
Ontario Heritage Act ONTARIO REGULATION 9/ 06 CRITERIA FOR DETER MIN ING CU LT URAL HE RITAGE VALUE OR INTER EST Consolidation Period : Fro m January 25, 2006 to the e-Laws currency date. No amendments. This is the English version of a bilingual regulation. Criteria 1. (1) The criteria set out in subsection (2) are prescribed for the purposes of clause 29 (1) (a) of the Act. O. Reg. 9/ 06, s. 1 (1). (2) A property may be designated under section 29 of the Act if it meets one or more of the following criteria for determining whether it is of cultural heritage value or interest:
1. The property has design value or physical value because it, i. is a rare, unique, representative or early example of a style, type, expression, material or construction method , ii. displays a high degree of crafts ma nship or artistic merit, or iii . demonstrates a high degree of technical or scientific achievement.
2. The property has historical value or associative value because it, i. has direct associations with a theme, event, belief, person , activity, organization or institution that is significant to a community, ii . yields, or has the potential to yield, information that contributes to an understanding of a community or culture, or iii . demonstrates or reflects the work or ideas of an architect, artist, builder, designer or theorist who is significant to a community.
3. The property ha s contextual value because it, i. is important in defining, maintaining or supporting the character of an area, ii. is physically, functionally, visually or historically linked to its surroundings, or iii . is a landmark. O. Reg. 9/06, s. 1 (2).
Heritage Irnp,l
E.R.A. Arch'te,
t A"se~snl nt
Blvd W
1 Ormsby House (2523 &. 252 7 Lake Shore Blvd W) Design Value Historical Value Co ntextual Value i) X i) X i) X ii) X ii) X ii) X iii) N/A iii) X iii) N/A 2 Dunington-Grubb Gardens Design Value Historical Value Con textua l Value i) X i) X i) X ii) X ii) X ii ) X iii) N/A iii) X iii) N/ A 3 Coach House (2539 &. 2539B Lake Shore Blvd W) Design Value Historical Value Co ntex tual Valu e i) N/A i) X i) X ii) N/A ii) N/A ii) N/A iii) N/A iii) N/A iii) N/A 4 Row Houses (7-9 Douglas Blvd) Design Value Historica l Value Conte xtual Valu e i) X i) N/A i) N/A ii) N/A ii) N/A ii) N/A iii) N/A iii) N/A iii) N/ A 5 Pump House (5 Douglas Blvd ) Contextual Value Design Value Historical Value i) N/A i) X i) N/A ii ) N/ A ii) N/A ii) N/A iii) N/A iii) N/A iii) N/A 6 Dwelling (2541 Lake Shore Blvd W) Co ntextual Value Design Value Historical Value i) X i) N/ A i) N/A ii) N/A ii) N/A ii ) N/A iii) N/A iii ) N/ A iii) N/A 7 Duplex (2533 + 2535 Lake Shore Blvd W) Design Value Historical Value Con textual Value i) N/A i) N/A i) X ii) N/A ii) N/ A ii ) N/A iii) N/A iii) N/ A iii) N/ A 8 Apartment Buildings (2521,2525,2529,2531 ,253 7,2 543 Lake Shore Blvd W) Design Value Historical Value Contextual Value
i) N/ A i) N/ A i) X
ii) N/A ii) N/A ii) N/A
iii) N/A iii) N/A iii ) N/A
has heritage va lue
high heri tage va lue little heritage va lue
not applicable
CONCLUSION Our assessment concludes that the properties with t he highest heritage valuati ons are the Ormsby estate house and t he adjace nt gardens. While the auxiliary buildings on the property may contribute to the greater context and evolution of t he site, t hey are not deemed to be integra l to t he heritage value of the site as a whole.
Pf! 11
This assess ment bega n wit h a preliminary visu al review of the entire property conducted on Septe mber 3, 2008, in cluding visual inspection of the exterior of t he mai n estate house at 2523 and 2527 Lake Shore Blvd W. The house is currently in use as an apartment and is occupied by tenants; t herefore multiple site visits we re made to complete a genera l review of the interiors. These were conducted between September an d October of 2009. Additional in vestigation of the gardens, including rou gh meas urements and photographic docume ntation were completed on Dece mber 8, 2009 . The 2 1/2 storey hou se has undergon e su bstantial renovatio ns since 1908. Whi le t he maj ority of the interiors date to t he late 1920's, many of the original exterior elements are still ap pare nt today. Overall the Ormsby House was found to be in good co ndition wit h some re pair and maintenance required. On t he interior, details suc h as t he parquet woo d floorin g, plaster wall mou ldings and mantelpieces are generally in fai r co ndition . The roof of the hou se, along with much of the cladding on the upper floors requires re pair and upgrades, as evidence of water damage is noti ceable in so me areas. The foun dation appears, upon preli minary review, to be in good condition with minor masonry repairs required. The garden elements, vegetation and other natu ral foli age are in fair co ndition.
Figure 5. Orms by House, 2523 Lake Shore Blvd W existing condition s no rth elevation (ERA 2009) ,
Heritdge 1m fJal t A",s E.R.A. A'Lhlte t In
Figure 6. Ormsby House, existing west elevation (ERA 2009)
Figure 7. Ormsby House, existing north entry (ERA 2009)
Figure 8. Ormsby House, detail of bay window at north entry (ERA 2009)
Figure 9. Ormsby Hou se, enclosed north entry detail (ERA 2009)
pg. l O J
Figure 10 . Ormsby House, existing south elevation with garden (ERA 2010)
Figure 11. Ormsby House, exi sting west elevation (ERA 2010)
Figure 12. Orm sby House, enclosed south verandah and 2nd floor balcony (ERA 2009)
He ltdq' Irnp, t Ac.,e [.R.A. A'chite t') II
l .... nt
h2 < L1~"" Sf'
. . Blvd W
Figure 13. Roof over second floor west elevation showing terracotta tiles, copper panels and slate tiles (ERA 2009)
Figure 14. Roof over north entry, showing asphalt
shingles (ERA 2009)
Figure 15. View from Ormsby House of the Fountain Court & Green Court (ERA 2009)
Figure 16. Garden Court detail, stone balustrade
(ERA 2009 )
Figure 17. Green Court Detail, Frog & Fish Fountain (ERA 2009)
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1 I ['1 P J t A A. A hit,., t •
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1 Ilk ... )h, ,
Figure 18. North-west front room , showing ca rved wood detaiLs (ERA 2009)
Figure 19. Front sitting room, showing pLaster mouLdings and window seat (ERA 2009)
Figure 20. Grand Staircase, showing giLded wood ceiLing
& two sided staircase (ERA 2009)
Figure 21. Main Entry HaLL, showing ch an deLier and giLded wood mouLdings (ERA 2009)
Heritage Impad Assps me'lt E.R.A. Architt:( b ~Il
(',2 ~ LaKE' ')'lore 8lvd W
pg .1 8
In order to protect the heritage resources of 2523 L Shore Blvd W specifi cally Ormsby ake , House and its adjacent gardens, the following conservation strategy incorporates the house and gardens and t heir specifi c heritage attributes into an overall masterplan.
Longo Developme nt Corporation is working with GC Architects Inc. to produce a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for 2523 L Sho re Blvd W The pro posal would ake . implement new roads and infra structure, the rep lacement of all existing buildin gs and a new underground parking structure. The multi -phased co nstruction process would see th e completion of 8 towers of varying heig hts. Given that the original design inte nt of t he Orms by House and gardens was to create a sequence of formal and informal landscapes which connected the pro perty to Lake Ontario, the Client is contemplating an option to relocate the building and garden closer to the water's edge. The Ormsby House and gardens (includin g the stone wa ll and gates at the south end of the garden) would be relocated to the southern- most edge of the property along the waterfront, in co-o rdination with the new development's proposed landscape plan.
The Conservation Strategy intend s to fea ture the Ormsby Hou se and Gardens as either a multi -tenant dwelling or as a new pubLic amenity on the site. The proposed masterplan will be evaluated in relation to t he folLo wing objectives to ensure conservation of the noted heritage resou rces:
Conserve Ormsby House, including the random-cut rusticated limestone cladding, on"ginal east and west flanking chimneys, north entry portico and south facing verandah;
2. Retain and preserve the inten"or finishes, including grand staircase with gilded wood ceiling, wood panelling and chandelier, plaster mouldings and firepla ces with detailed mantels and surrounds;
3. Conserve the gardens in proximity to the house, including the on"ginal limestone flagstones, balustrade, plantings, stone garden walls and gates.
4. Establish a complimentary setting for the Ormsby House and remaining gardens.
The development proposal for 2523 Lake Shore Blvd Wincludes new roads and infrastructure and the replacement of the majority of the existing buildings, with a multi-phased development that will increase density. The tea m has considered numerous options for how to appropriately incorpo rate Ormsby House and its gardens wit hi n t he new development pro posal including but not limited t o rete ntio n in -situ. Any option should be based upon and eva luated according to the objectives outlined in the Conservation Strategy. This process will ensure that any fu tu re development appropriately accounts for the he ritage attributes on the property by recognizing each solution's unique qualities and impact. As discussio ns with t he C and Heritage Preservation Services ity continue to progress and as t he masterp lan evo lves, t hese options can be further explored or expanded to include other options based on t he Mimico 20/20 visioning report. There may also be additional approaches th at become apparent upon further conversation with the City.
Figure 22. 252 3 Lake Sh ore Blvd West - current co ndition. (Google aerial ph otograph with annotation by ERA )
Herit 19
Impe, t A
)2) l
pg .ZO
r .R.A Ar Illt
In its original conception , 2523 L Shore Blvd W wa s imagined as an iso lated property. ake However the evolution of suburban development over the last 60+ years has pro du ced a dense, mixed use neighbourhood whi ch frames t he site on the east, west and north sides. This change in context has ha d a considerable impact on t he estate, as we ll as t he conditions of its orientation as it is no Longer visually or physica lly connected to eithe r Lake Shore Blvd Wor L Ontario. ake Now consisting of a number of rental buiLdings the pro perty is a prime location for further redevelopment. The natura LL andsca pe that on ce flouri shed ha s, over ti me, bee n ake dramatically reduced, while the waterfro nt has lo ng since bee n disconnected from L Shore BLvd W. The property at 2523 L ake Shore Blvd W is aLso a prominent L ocation on the waterfront and situated along a recog nized City Avenu e where densifi cation is highLy encouraged. This has now been express ly recogni zed in the City's Mi mico 20/ 20 revitalization process. The proposed development has the pote ntial to provide the follo win g imp rove ments: • Increase the value of the community and neighbourhood; • Expand the vaLue of the heritage reso urces by making them visib le and accessible to t he general public; • Provide uni que pubLic amenities; • Provide desirable public open space at the wate r's edge; • Reinstate public access to L Ontario; ake • Complete the Wate rfro nt TraiL Li near Park with a new terminus. The incorporation of Ormsby House and its garde ns will commemorate thi s site's heritage value while adding cultural value to the new deveLo pment and surroundin g neighbo urh ood. This proposal warrants furt her discussion with t he City as a means to determine th e best, most balanced approach for the preservation of t he property's most signifi cant heritage resources in the context of the property's redevelo pment and t he site's capacity to su pport the neighbou ri ng co mm unity.
[)(j.? 1
~q.? l
Figure 23. 1878 Pro perty M (Toro nto Arch ives) ap
Duri ng t he early 19th C entury, Mimico was a farming com munity. In 1853, construction of the Hamilton and Toro nto Railway bega n in M imico. This railway transformed agricultural Mi mico into a typical station village. In 1850-1860 a worker's community targeted to Toro nto's factory workers was laid out orkers co uld not afford t he long commute to in Mi mico, but it was not very successful. W Toronto's factory area, so t he co mmunity was sparsely settled. This was t he first commuters' housing development in t he Toro nto area, but it would not be successful until the turn of t he ce nt ury when the presence of commuter trains, streetcars and automobiles increased developme nt along the lake shore, disp lacing farms. Duri ng the early 20t h C entury, Mimico's lake front property became popular among wealthy Torontonians seeking summer ret reats. M imico became a West Toro nto sub urb and amalgamated wit h Etobicoke subsequently Eto bicoke was amalga mated with The City of T oronto in 1998.
Heritage Illlpa t A ,
fllj ·?4
E.R.A. Ar hIt
Th e prope rty located at 2523 L ake Shore Blvd W was purchased by A.B. Ormsby, a manufacturer of meta l doors and windows, in 1906 . Ormsby inh abit ed the property as a summer residence, but in 1908 he had a larger year- round residence built closer t o the boulevard . Ormsby Hou se was designed by architect Frederick Henry Herbert, (1865-1914) a prominent Toronto architect well know n for hi s luxurious houses fashioned in t he Queen An ne style. Simliar to architect E.J. Le nn ox, Herbe rt's work pro moted new standards in residential arc hitect ure in the ea rly 20th C. in T oronto. In 1920 Ormsby commissioned the landscape fir m of Dunington-G ru bb to design the garde ns. The work was completed by 1923. Ormsby so ld the pro perty t o Ja mes Fra nceschi ni in 1925 . Franceschini was the fo under of a successful co nstru ction business, Dufferin Constr uction Company. The co mpa ny was noted as one of t he first in Cana da to use trucks and power equipment to build roads and dig cellars and bui ld many of Ontario's first highways. Francesc hi ni named t he property Myrtle Villa after hi s daughter M yrtle. He grew his award­ winning flowers in t he gree nhouses, and kept his prize-winni ng horses in t he stables. Francesch ini's carriage eq uipages an d hackney horses won many prizes at prestigious shows across N orth Ame rica, includin g t he Royal Winter Fai r. Franceschi ni made newspaper head lines a few ti mes. The first article ap peared in 1933 when the Toronto Star reported t hat two shots were fired t hro ugh a window at M yrtle V illa. As it t urn ed out, no shots were fired; however, Fra nceschini had received threatening letters fro m Basilio T orossi deman din g $80,000. T orossi was se ntenced t o six years in K gston Pe nitentia ry for t hreate ning Francesc hini. in In 1940, Francesc hini was in the paper again , t his ti me because he was arrested by the RCMP and sent to a pri son camp in Petawawa. The Canadian govern ment arrested Franceschini as well as hu ndreds of other Italian-born people during the war. The Canadian governm ent seized many of Fran cesch ini's co mpa nies and did not return t hem to him, even after he was released fro m priso n. Franceschini was released from the pri son cam p in 1941 and se nt immediately to hospital. He had developed a cancerous tu mor on hi s throat and needed an operatio n. After surgery Franceschi ni returned to Myrtle Villa. In 1950, the Dufferin Construction Co mpany sold M yrtle Villa to So ules Co nstruction Li mited. In 1951 Amedeo and L awrence Longo purchased and developed uAmedeo Garden Court Apartme nts" with 6 new buildings - t he first of all t he L Shore estates to do so. ake It has remained in t he Longo fa mi ly ever sin ce.
Lots 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
r--­ ----,
Thou gh it is not enti rely clear whe n the fan-shaped lot divi sions so uth of Lake Shore Boulevard east of Edith Street were established (afte r 1878 and prior to 1917), Ormsby would have owned at least lots 10, 11 and 12 in 1917. The insurance ma ps fro m t he period show the outline of the estate house (2523) and a gree nhouse extending from the southeastern corner of the house. Ownershi p records indi cate that Orsmby acquired lots 13 and 14. By 1925 Ormsby had sold aLL fi ve lots to Franchescini. Evidence of 2541 and 2533/35 on lots 13 and 14 does not ap pear until 193 7, similarly to t he row house at 5, 7 and 9 D ouglas Bouleva rd .
\ 2533 & 2535
, 13
Figu re 24. Site Evoluti on M (ERA); see also chart, pg. 31. ap
tritlq IlrdtA E ~.A Ar, lit t
py .26
1906 1910 1920 1925-37 1925-37 1925-37
early 20th century waterfront estate early 20th century la ndscape desig n post-Fi rst World War development Franceschini
1925-37 POST 1937 1951
mid-cent ury towe r blocks conversion to rental un its lake-filling
1973 POST 1977
Fi gure 25 . Si t e Evoluti on Chronology ( ER A)
25 23 Lake Shor: Blvd W Prope rty Outlln
Lot Lines
-"~~~--;P~ q'28
Figure 27_
1--1 1t j 1 I r • RA A h
r 1 t A)'-,
j v.
. ~
Figure 29. 2008 Aerial Photograph (Google Maps annotation by ERA)
1I1IpdL t Ac,c,"'s,men'
2'1n dke c.·C're Blvd W
ERA. Arll ite\.t, In
ORMSBY ESTATE HOUSE: 2523 Lake Shore Blvd W
The estate house L ocated on L 11 and 12 was buiLt for Ormsby c. 1908 as a year round ot residence. Designed by Frederi ck Henry Herbert, the originaL house was clad with random­ cut rusticated white Limesto ne and cement stucco gabLes. The steep-pitched gabLe roof was sL clad with dormers on t he princi paL north and so uth eLevations and a shaLLow atepitch roof overhung the main floor and provided an expansive front verandah. Large Li mesto ne chimney stacks, centered on the gabLe ends of the east and west elevations, framed t he house and were compLimented with quarter-round windows on either side. The front veranda h was marked by co ncrete piLLars. Whi Le the 2 1/2 storey estate house has un dergone severaLaLteratio ns and renovations since its constructio n in 1908, many of the eLements are stiLL appare nt at the house today.
Figure 30 . B/ W Photogra ph of t he northeast corner of the Ormsby Estate House (C onstruction iii July 1910, pg 112)
i "1 E.R A A
f" tt" t
pq . )0
Figure 31. B/ W Photograph of the north elevati on of the Ormsby Estate House (Construction iii July 1910, pg 113)
F igure 32. B W Photog raph of the northwest corner of the Orm sby Estate House (Constructiull iii July 1910, pg 11 2) /
N.T.S .
Figure 33. Second Floor Plan of the Ormsby Estate House (Drawings by Frederick Henry Herbert Archite ct. Pulbished in
Construction iii July 1910, pg 113 )
Figure 34. Ground FLoor PLan of the Ormsby Estate House (Drawing s by Frederi ck Henry Herbert Architect. PuL bished in
Construction iii JuLy 1910, pg 113 )
t A
pg .12
It' t
Figure 35. B/ W Photograph of the north elevation of the Ormsby Estate House, possibly 1911. Note the balustrade which is not shown on the original ground floor plan. (Toronto Archives, microfiche)
Figure 36. B/W Photograph of the south elevation of the Ormsby Estate House, after the landscape was designed by Dunington -Grubb, 1923. Note the greenhouses in the east corner and pergola on the west. (Sheridan Nurseries Archives)
N.1 S.


t N
Figure 37. Orm sby Hou se, Exi sting Second Floor Plan (Drawings by Howard Rafael Architect, 1973)
r '
:> ..
. ..;.-..­
~' ,,
r!t" {' -.. I
- -, I
, •
:..,s-' .......
I -
N.l S. Figure 38. Ormsby House, Exi sting Ground Floor Plan (Drawings by Howard Rafael Architect, 1973)
t N
Figure 39. Photograph of the existi ng north elevation of the Ormsby Estate House. Note the now enclosed verandah, semi-circu lar entryway and 2nd flo or addition. (ERA 20 10)
Under the new owners hi p of Fran ceschini the house underwent exte nsive alterations between 1925 and 1937. On t he exterior, po rtions of the north facin g po rch were en closed to provide larger inte rio rs. The front entry is now fra med by roo ms on either side whic h in corporate flu ted limestone pi lasters. These support a sli ghtly bowed portico topped with a balustra de above. ELLi ptical-arched windows wit h fan lights frame the openings, while french doors on either side of the ent ry provide direct access to t he interiors. Thoug h not on axis, the location of the original entry door has been maintained and is fra med by t wo side lights. The two window ope nings originaLLy located to the right of the entrance have bee n altered to fi t a single bay win dow. The second floor has bee n altered numero us times and now has a smaLL addition fini shed in wood siding. Further modifi cations and renovations are seen on the south elevatio n. The 1917 fi re insura nce map fo r this prope rty indicates a 1 storey wood frame struct ure at the south­ east corner of th e house (refer to fig ure 39). This was not a pa rt of th e original house.
Bl J W
Figure 40. Photograph of th e existing south eLevation of the Ormsby Estate Ho use, 2010. Note the now enclosed verandah and second fLoor balco ny. A newe r permanent structure in the east corne r replaced previous greenhouses. (ERA 2010)
The 19 20 landscape plan (refer to fi gure 44) and a photog ra ph ofth e garde ns taken in 1923 (refer to fi gure 35 ) identifi es this structure as one of two inter-co nnected greenhouses. No longer re maining, the gree nhouses have since been rep laced with a permanent 1 storey structu re. The ch aracter of this newer addition includes ro unded arc h window and door ope ni ng s with ro unded pilasters at reg ular bay widths an d a decorative terrazzo floor. O ther additio ns an d modifi cations to the so uth elevation include the enclosed ground floor veranda h and second floor balco ny co mp leted sometime after 192 3, l·ikely as part of Fran ceschini's extensive re novations.
pl) . 36
The interior has also undergo ne substantial renovations, with th e most dramatic change being the design of the main entry stairca se and rib bed ceili ng. Additio nal alteratio ns likely completed by F ranceschini inclu de leaded stained glass wi ndows at the main stair , detailed interior wood and plaster mouldings on walls and ceilings, updates to existi ng fireplaces, and hardware and fi xtures.
Figure 41. Photograp h of main staircase. Note wood carved fini als & balus trade. (ERA 2009 )
Figure 42. Photog raph of mai n entran ce. Note gilded wood ri bbin g on ceiling. (E RA 2009)
Figure 43 . Photograph of dini ng roo m. Note th e barrel va ulted ceiling, wood pa nelling and plaster frieze. (ERA 2009)
Figure 44. Ph otograph of fro nt sitting roo m, showing wood details. (ERA 2009 )
t A
tl J IN
P9. )9
COACH HOUSE: 2539 & 2539B Lake Shore Blvd W
Evidence of a coach house in the app roximate L ocation as the current garage appears in the fire insurance maps and t he 1920's Landsca pe pL however, the outline of t he an; structure changed substa ntiaLLy. This suggests si gnifi cant modifi cations were made.
- _.­
Coac h House
Figure 45. 19 20 Land scape Plan by Du nington-Gru bb. (University of Gu elph Lib rary, Special Archi ves, annotation by ERA)
Fig ure 46. Aeri al Phot ograp h. (Goog le ma ps 2008, annotation by ER A)
C ch House oa
+- N
C urrently, the t rapezoid-shaped building outli ne has a hipped roof with a large dormer on the no rth elevation and a smaller one on the south elevation. There are fi ve small dormers on t he west side of the roof and one on the east. The dormers are clad with wood sidi ng and have 8/8 sash windows. The north faca de has paired garage doors whi ch have been filled in with brick and fini shed in painted stucco. There are sections of random cut stone on t he sides of t he garage doors similar to the main house. On the west elevation there are th ree garage doors.
F igure 47 . Photograp h of existing coach house, northeast corner. (ERA 2009)
Figure 48 . Photograph of exi sting coac h house, west elevation . (ERA 2009 )
R nants of a wood pergola ca n be seen on the east side of the coach house with an em ci rcular motif, these fo rm part of the original D unington-G rubb la ndscape.
Figure 49. Photograp h of existing coach house, eas t elevatio n showi ng rema nants of the ga rde n pergola. (ERA 20 10)
Figure 50. Ph otogra ph of ex isti ng coa ch house, detai l of pergola. (ERA 2010)
In 1920 Ormsby commissioned Howard Dunington-Gru bb to prepare a design for the Ormscliffe Estate. The garden covered a large swath of la nd, span ni ng from the property ake Ontario. W an axial plan, ith boundaries at Lake Shore Blvd W to t he shoreline of L the garden wa s best viewed fro m the south ve randah wh ich looked across the landscape, thro ugh the Fou ntain C rt, past the Green C ou ourt and onwards t hrough the Rockery, co mplete wi t h streams and creeks. The view fro m the grou nd floor culminated at a Japanese inspired Tea House. Beyond the Long Walk to the Tea House was The Park, a gently sloping pasture of trees and grass in the English tradition, with a small po nd close to the water's edge. The Park also contained the original cottage, li kely bui lt on t he site in 1906 by Ormsby as a summer residence. The plans drafted by Duni ngton-Gru bb included: a fountain , pergola, green court, kitchen garden, rose garden, long wa lk, strea m and po nds, tea house, park, boat house and tennis courts. Detail sketches of balustrades, gates, light fi xtures and various designs for the tea house had been prepared as welL
F igure 51. 19 20 L andsca pe Plan by Dunington- Gr ubb. (U nive rsity of Guelph Lib ra ry, Specia l Archi ves)
Records within the Dunington-Grubb Archives at t he University of Guelp h also indicate that Dunington-Grubb had produced additional drawings for a streetscape design along L ake Shore Blvd Wand for a park located just west of the property. Key features of Ormscliffe Estate still exist including the "Fou ntain C ourt" and "The Green Court" complete with original limestone pavers, limestone carved ba lu strades, gardens walls and fountains. Research suggests that this garde n is one of Dunington-G rubb's mo st substantial private residence gardens still partially intact today.
ritljt' I nrd 'A)<...' ,n \:"1' A A " t •
Ii W
Figure 52. Photograph of existing landscape. (ERA 2009)
Figure 53. Photograph of existing Fountain Court. (ERA 2009)
Figure 54. Photograph of existing Green Court. (ERA 2009)
P9 ·43
Figure 57. Balustrade Detail. (ERA 2009)
Figure 58. Limestone carved balustrade. (ERA 2009)
Figure 59. Bronze statue in the Founatin Court. (ERA 2009)
A path ma de out of Credit V aLLey limestone run s throughout the garde n. An Art-D eco inspired fountain ce ntraLLy located in the Green Court and decorated with frogs and fi sh, appear to be later additions to the garden . A bronze cherub (made in Italy ) has re placed the origina l centre piece of the fountain in the Fountain C ourt.
Figure 60 . Garden wall, southern boundary. (ERA 2009)
B i V
fllJ. 44
---:- ..
· . ·1 . ' · .' · . ·

Figure 6Z . Opening #5: M scriptio n on carri age gate Vin to estate house on Lot 11 (ERA Z009)
Figure 63. Open ing #4: M scription on walkway gate Vin to estate house on Lot 11 (ERA Z009)

Figure 64. Opening liZ: MV insc ription on carriage gate to fo rmer stables on Lot 13 (ERA Z009 )
Fig ure 61. Map of property illus tra tion hi st oric ope nillg s in garden wall alon g Lake Shore Blvd W (ERA 2009 )
The limestone garden wall alo ng L ake Shore Blvd W was likely a later ad dition by Franceschini modelled after t he Du nington-Grubb design at the south end of Garden ( ourt. The ope ni ngs along the east-west running wall correspo nd to histori c points of access including: ca rriage and walkway access to the estate house on Lot 10, carriage access to the house on Lot 13, and carriage access to the previous stables on L 13. ot All of these openings alo ng t he garden wall have in corporated t he inscription "MV" for M yrtle V to their metal gate desi gns. This evidence sug gests th at Franceschini had illa assembled the remaining lots 13 and 14 him self. An aerial photograp h from 1947 shows that Frances chini had ke pt t he gardens re latively intact. A large portion of the gardens were rem oved whe n t he apartment com plex was built in the early 1950's.
ROW HOUSE: 5, 7 & 9 Douglas Blvd
Figure 65. 5 Douglas Blvd, south elevation (ERA 2009)
Figure 66.7 -9 Douglas Blvd, east elevation (ERA 2009)
The 2 storey row house located at 5-9 Douglas Blvd (East edge of Lot 10) was built betwee n 1925 and 1937 according to historical maps. Originally clad in buff brick and later stuccoed, t he row house has a low-pitched gable roof with a flat roof at t he back. There are 6/6 and 4/4 caseme nt windows alo ng the front and back facades . On the front facade there are three doors with recta ngu lar transom lights. The siti ng of t he house abuts the sidewalk. Asmall 1 sto rey addition at the south side ofthe row house t hat has a very large chimney currently serves as the electri cal room for the site. The house is very plain ly decorated.
DWELLING: 2541 Lake Shore Blvd W
According to available maps, the house located on L 13 was built after 1923 and before ot 1937. W her it had bee n const ructed under the owners hip of Ormsby or Franceschini is het unknow n but it is not likely Ormsby would have built both prior to sellin g t he properties to Franceschini in 1925.
Figure 67.2541 L Shore Blvd W north elevation ake , (ERA 2009)
Figure 68.2541 Lake Shore Blvd W west elevation , (ERA 2009)
H'dlln 1 1'A,
The 2 storey house has a steep- pitched cross gab le roof with eve returns on the gable ends. The house is clad with red brick on all facades, exce pt the pri nciple facade, which is clad with random cut sto ne. The front door has a rounded-arch ope ning wit h a light above and two sidelights. The ro unded arch ope nings of the fro nt facade have vousoirs com prised of two differe nt sizes of stone. On t he first storey on t he east side of the front facade, there is a bay window with a copper hood. There is a baseme nt entra nce on the west side of the house.
B.4 DUPLEX: 2533 and 2535 Lake Shore Blvd W
L ocated on t he sout h end of L 14, a du plex built prior to 1937 is 2 storeys in height, ot clad in red brick and topped with a hi pped roof. There are lo ng recta ngu lar windows with ake. Juliette balco nies on the second storey of the house. This house sit uate d by the L
Fig ure 69. 2533 &253 5 La ke Sh ore Blvd W nort h , elevation (ERA 2009)
Fi gure 70. 20 08 aerial ph otograph (G oog le wit h annotatio n by ERA )
Fi gure 71. Arc hitect's Re ndering of proposed development, 1950's
Figu re 72. Existing Site (Google)
B.5 APAR TMENT BUILDINGS: 2521, 2525, 2529, 2531, 2537 and 2543 Lake Shore Blvd W
Following the const ruction of a tota l of 6 rental apartment buildings (fi ve 3-storey and one 5-storey) in 1952 designed by Stamford and Wilson, the site was renamed Amedeo Gard en Court Apartments. It was named after Amedeo Longo. The placement of the buildi ngs on the site respects the original lot lines and landscaping. The develop ment incorporated t he villa, t he t hree other dwellin gs and t he coach house. The apa rtment complex was not built exactly how Stamford and W ilson's rende ring suggested (refer to F igure 70 and 71 for com parison).
Figure 73 . Exa mple of gard en courtya rd (ERA 2009)
Heritage Impact Ac,'>f:,'> 11 E.R.A. Ardlltects Ir
py .48
Fig ure 74. 2008 ae rial photograph (Google with ann otati ons by ERA)
2543 and 2521 Lake Shore Blvd Ware located at the north end of the pro perty fronting onto Lake Shore Blvd W Bot h buildings address the central no rth-so uth ro ute th roug h . the property with faci ng courtyards. The Ormscliffe Estate fram es the south edge of the courtyard to 2521 Lake Shore Blvd. Bot h buildin gs are brick, 3 storeys in height, and flat roofed. 2525 Lake Shore Blvd is located so ut h of the Ormscliffe Estate betwee n D ouglas Blvd and the D unington -Grub b gardens. The building had been constructed next to t he location of the no longer existi ng gree nh ouse that had once existed and fram es the re mainin g gardens. The bui lding is bric k, 3 sto reys in height, and flat roofed .
Figure 75. 2525 L Shore Blvd W, wes t elevation ake wi th ga rden (ERA 2009)
Figu re 76 . 2525 L Shore Blvd W east eleva tion ake , (ERA 2009)
A \r
F ure 77. 2008 aeria l photogra ph (Google wi th annotations by ERA ) ig

2537 and 2529 L Shore Blvd are located mid lot and maintain the central north-south ake route t hroug h the pro perty which is softened by modest landsca pe and t ree plantings. In addition, the layout of 2529 accom mod ates the row house along D las Blvd and oug rear parking. Both buildings are brick, 3 storeys in height, flat roofed and provide some balco nies. 2531 Lake Shore Blvd is located at the sout h end of the property at t he water's edge. C ontrary to t he original sketches by Stamford and Wilso n, the X n apartment building -pla had bee n bui lt as an H-plan building oriented t owa rds t he lake, with a sunken entrance centrally located on the north elevation. The building is brick, 5 storeys in heig ht, and flat roofed.
Figure 78 . 253 7 L Shore Blvd W ake , east elevation (ERA 2009)
Figure 79. 2531 L Shore Blvd W west elevati on (ERA 2009) ake ,
pg .50
.K .
Ar I' •