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DescriptionDated April 1, 2011
Friday, November 25, 2011
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&. Associates
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land .... PIannIng Dewlapmlll'lt .. DeItgn
I'nIjeot ManagemenI
April J, 2011
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Mr. Tom Keefe
Director, CommUDity Planning
Etobicob Yode District
2 Civic Centre Court. 3111 Floor
TOI'ODto, Ontario
AIr. Mich". McCttrt. MCIP, llPP
Sa'.r Plt",ner
Mr. Mtltthew Prtmlru, MCIP,llPP
Dear Sirs:
252.1- 2543 Lake Slaore BoaIevant West
1.oaao PropertIes Baldlap·u.tted
Prtposed 0f6dal PIp. AwadlaeatAppUgtioa
As you know, LoaIO Properties Holdings Limite4 (Loaao Properties) own one of the most pivotal and important properlies betweco Lake Shore Boulevanl west aod Lake Ontario in the Mimico-By-Tbe-Lake community, an IU.'aa CDI1'CIIltJ.y 1IJlderaoios • uuUOF revitalization plan mown as "Mimico 20fJ.0.... We arc dclishted to be 1UbmiUiD& this proposed Official Piau Ameadmcut appJication in support ofthe·priDcipIe of nwitaliziDa and redeveIopiDg this key site. "
Longo Properties bas been. key stakeholder and partner in this importaDI nMtalizatioa initiative. They have actively participated in the City" pJ. ., procell tiom its iDceptioo.1brougb the April 2009 planning an4 desip cbarette, the COIIIUJtInt's Prooeediqa RIIpOIt (a team led by UrbaD StratcPs) IDd Council's adoption of the StaffR.cport and CODIUJtaDt Actioo Memo in October 2009. Longo Properties"bas been • part ofthis comnmaity'. filbric for some 60 years and wants to remain an importaat part of its n:vitaJized fUture.
City PJano;ng, as DOted in its September 2009 Staff Report, had intended to (1) pmparc an Official Plao AmcodmCDt and {2} coordhuite other related impIcmeDtatioD JeCOD1DMUIatioDS by the CODBUltaots to put in place the neccaary development ftamowoIt for revitalization to occur in the MinUco community. Staffhad intended to start that process through 2010 and report back to
Council with I F'mal Report in the FaD 2010.
While there has been some delay in startiDa this DeXt phase of work, the City has now hUed a CODSUltiDa team led by Urban Strategies to complete the next phase ofwork, we understand through 20JI. "
'fa Duncan MHI Ro.... SUIte SA, TIH"OIdv, ON M38 3N2 P 418 444 3300 F 416-0444-3315 E
To assist the City and its consulting team. we are putting forward a redevelopment concept for the Longo Properties site that. in our opinion, advances many ofthe goals and principles to achieve the revitalization vision for Mimico-By-The Lake set out and recommended to date. We are putting forward a private application for an Official Plan Amendment for the site which formalizes the owner's interests and puts them forward for collSider:ation by and to help inform its existing residents, City staff and officials, other agencies and community stakeholders. Detailed Rezoning applications or Site Plan Approval applications are not proposed at this time so that the principles and strategic approach can be considemd early and together with the City's ongoing revitalization efforts. The balance oftbis letter provides an overview ofthe site today; its existing planning policy and zoning context; the Longo's participation and our UDderstanding of the Mimico 20120 revitalization directions supporting 8 significant redevelopment of the Longo Properties site; concepts, principles, ideas and information in support of the proposal and OPA. The Site Ioday The Longo Properties site is one ofthe largest properties in single ownership along Lake Ontario in Mimico. The lot comprises approximately 2.7 hectares (6.7 acres) ofland and an additional 0.8 hectares (2 acres) ofwater. The site has over 100 metres offrontage on Lake Shore Boulevard. It is municipally known as 2521-2543 Lake Shore Boulevard West and Icgally described as Lots 10 to 14 (inclusive). Registered Plan 1217. Copies ofa recent property legal and topographic survey by R. Avis Surveying (September 2008) are included with the application.
Figures 1 ""d 2 illustrate the site's location and configuration and context at the south end ofin the Mimico-By-The Lake community.
The site today contains six low-to-mid rise apartment buildings (generally 4 to 7 storeys) built by Longo Properties about 60 years ago and is kDown as "Amedeo Court". Tbere are 396 rental suites on the site today. mostly (87%) bachelor and one-bedroom units. including:
• • Bachelor - 167 (42%) One-Bedroom-178 (45%) Two-Bedroom - 43 (11 %) Three-Bedroom - 3 (2%)
• •
The main driveway off Lake Shore Boulevard is located in the middle ofthe site winding its way through the site and terminating at the 7 storey apartment building lakeside. That driveway then bends north and connects to Douglas Boulevard just next to Nonis Crescent Park. Douglas Boulevard is a smaller city street that looks and functions more as a rear lane with garages and access points predominating along it There is a small convenience store located along the main driveway with some surface pay parking near the property management office central to the site. There are approximately 288 parking spaces in a mix ofsurface and underground locations currently serving the 396 rental suites. .
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Figure 1 - Property Data Map
~:.:.:.:: Subject
Source: City ()f TorontQJ?l'C)perty pata Maps.
Site (2521-2543 Lake Shore Blvd)
C'i< 0''1'
.­ en
o .-­
Q) ......,
: ·-. ·. ·. ·. ·. ·.
III .­
Part ofthe site, 2523 Lake Shon:: Boulevard. is preseady "listed" on the City's inventory of properties having heritage value and/or interest. The I.istiDa describes the property as "Mimico Estates". The OWDCI" and its planning and design team have beea woddua with E.R..A AIdlltects to identify and document those heritage resources and to develop a conservation strategy commeosurate with the property's redevelopment. We will discuss this later in our letter. There are six low-rise, walk-up rental apartment buildings to the immediate south and • vacant treed lot along the lake with generally low-rise homes along Miles Road further south. To the north, there are resideatial homes in pJexed buildiDp. some of which 8R:. co-operative. along Nonia Crescent which cul-de-sacs at the water&oot park. Douglas Boulevard is effectively the rear vehicular access to these properties today and is IiDed with garages. There is a mid-to-high rise residential co-operative housing building over 20 years old farther north and low-rise rental apartment buildings along Lake ShoP:: Boulevard in the vicinity. Across Lake Shore Boulevard. opposite the Longo driveway entry is Quceos Avenue and • small part and the broader Mimico residential oeighboulhood to the DOdh. 'Ihe Nimico-By-The-Lake business area Is close by (within walking distance) and focused along Lake Shore Boulevard DC8J' its intersection with Superior Avenue. The property has good tnmsit accessibility (meet car on LIke Shore Boulevard), bus scmce and is approximately) kilometreiiom the Mimico 00 Transit station.
Although few can witDess it today given the property's private deve1opmeat,buildiog placement and icceas, the site has an eitceptional lakeside location with vistas ofToronto at the southem tip of the recently constJueted Mimico linear watcrfiont park.
OfJidaJ rJa. ucI Zeal., Today
The City ofToronto Ofticial Plan broadly guides Jand usc and development pJanninl throughout the city. Sound PJanninl in Toronto is ~ on steering growth and chaDp to parts of the city while protecting ncighbowhoods IDd green spaces &om development pressures. Integrating land use and tranaportatioo policy ,is important to achieving the ovaaD growth strategy and a more livabJe city. TheR: are generally DO height or, density limits in the Official Plan.
The site is presently designated "AplU'tlllent Ne1ghbtJu,."H4" in the City ofToronto Official Plan (IU Flpre 311). Most of the existing apartmeDt buildings aloaa and near Lake Shore Boulevant in the MiJDico.By-The-Lake community are clesipaled the same. Apartment buildings, parb. local iDItituticas and I1'Cl'eatiODai facilities and smalJ..scalemail aod . commercial uses that serve the needs ofarea resideats are allowed. GeaeraIly, &my development permitted in Apartmeat Neighbourhoods is guided by criteria intended to contribute to and improved quality oflile aad ensure that any growth and iDteosification is CIl'efiJlly coat:roUed so neighbourhoods are protected from negative impact. As wiD be diacussed later in this report, through the recent Mimieo 20120 study, thC City has already idcatified that the Longo Property site is an appropriate location for significant inteasifbtioD I1ld redevelopment and recommended an Official Plan amendment to impJement and guide such change.
The waterfront aJODl Mimico-By-The-Lake is designated "Nlltrll'tu ..4,." and there are policies to guide its usc aod development adjacent to it.
Lake Shore Boulevard is also idcalified as an "..4wmue" within the City·s overaU urban structure (see FIgure 36). Avenues are geocraJly along major road and tnmsportatioa conidors where
intensification and R:VitaJization is sought with a broad range ofland uses, particu1arty residential. Across the city. Avenues are intended to absorb the majority of growth together with Downtown Toronto, its Centres (eg. Etobicoke., North York and Scarborough), and other Mixed
-- . -­
TORlfm~M\~ IU£lfJ
MAP 1.5
land,U~' Bl an
Lsnd Us~ D<::s'gn,'it il)" ;
~~ ' C1'-c- .:'~' --~ -
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!~~ :; -trr~ """
'\~' ~-~: ..: .

/':\,'c 1:-:Il~" "
-,< .~ ;.
:-'1 \41 . r
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.1 . "." -~ :- , ~
I !Il":
'I - "'~ r '_ ~ -; ~, p = :.~ :\ -.,) ..Id' r ~ f~,] f :~ J'd"':: '
~ ~ ! T' ~:"!'1~~ :J '> r .I­
. :r" ' ; '\' : ' , ;-:';

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Figure 3a - Official Plan Land Use
Source: City of Toronto Official Plan, Map 15.
;'":::::.: Subject Site
(2521-2543 Lake Shore Blvd)
. "' .
, ::
& Associates
:-ir~i' ~~
"!"'.\ ,:..,.,
,!;.j;,<~, i;lt~~'~ _ ..
";"' Yi~
'."'-:: /? ' " V' .:~,
~iff-i ·~(';';'i~~·"~f,·""··H,~; ,.,"
~~~,tt7"~'~~"J;' r.r,~~-:!1<~~\:~7""
1 .. .
_~, ·.' ; ' r '
,;, ,~
,'r"' "
;,O',: ,:-;ml'
-- - ~, lt{JI~~J,.n,~ , 1' 57:1: /
, <~.
": A"
~', ~ ". 1~l:!0Jt~-~ i StructDre ;:...(,~\: ,
" .J..' , ~: :. ;- .....
.... -'!~
, I ',I'\I !
ar J ,.ro r ";:!_ ,"nr :"' tr"
Figure 3b - Official Plan Urban Structure
Source: City of Toromo Official Plan, Map 2_
Subject Site
(2521-2543 Lake Shore Blvd)
: I ,,& As~ocloles ",'
I ,' ­
I, .
Use Areas.lik.e the business core ofMUnico-By-The-Lake. Some large and deep sites along "Avenues" Oike this one) arc suitable candidates for growth and intensification as recognized recently by NUnico 20/20. Other general and strategic policy considerations are relevant to the site'5 proposed redevelopment are also set out including those related to the public realm. built form. heritage resources, housing, natural heritage and paries and open space. There are no Secondary Plan or arealsite specific Official Plan policies relevant to the site today. The developed part ofthe site today is zoned "R4" (see FI6ure 4) in the Etobicob: Zoning Code (Mimico South). The existing zoning is quite old and generally allows for apartment buildings up to 1.S times the lot area. There is a specific exception that allows a neighbourhood store in one of the buildings. It is our understanding that the existing amount ofbuildings on this large site arc less than the amount ofdevclopment that could be built under the R4 zoning today (ie. the site is already under-utilizcd compared to existing zoning permissions)
Provincial Plannlpg PoUcy
The Provincial Policy Statement 2005 (pPS) provides direction on matters ofprovincial interest in land use and development planning. The PPS sets the policy foundation for regulating the development and use ofland. The key objectives include: building strong communities, wise use and management ofresources, and protecting public health and safety.
In our opinion, there are a number ofimportant policy directions to be considmd which arc relevant to this site's proposed redevelopment including:
• Promoting healthy. safe and livable communities • Promoting a raD8C of residential housing opportunities and densities in communities, including the maintenance and renewal ofneeded existing rental housing • Accommodating residential growth through intensification oflands already designated and available for residential development • Encouraging new housing opportunities in locations well-served by public services and various modes of transportation including transit • Promoting compact development and strengthening the vitality of main streets and business areas in established communities • Conserving any significant heritage buildings and features on site and adjacent area • Conserving any significant natural heritage features, protecting hazard land and public health and safety (along the waterfront) The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (OOH) (2006) provides a broad framework for managing growth in the GGH region including directions for where and how to grow while providing proper infrastructure to support such growth. Generally. intensification and growth is sought in "built up" areas of the GGH. Municipal Official Plans and all planning decisions must be consistent with the PPS and conform to, or riot conflict with, the Growth Plan.
~. j
., • Vlt'''~L''~. I 'i
V. r:!,,'·c'P""


G .'..
0:: ,f-
w (.)

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~.. :;w.-} G
.....;:.' " • "'L. ~,
.-~ '. 'It'
<I( w
N{">· J'
~,\ i-~. ­
~,,' " ,~
"x.'·. /- "
~ .............
C :;
Figure 4 - Existing Zoning
RI!\IISION DATI!: /fIllIP(. 2003
MOl 110 sew
[,---- 'I Subject 'SHe~;;=~~~;hore Blvd)
Source: CIty of Et.obtcoke Zoning.
'.; :"
Mimico 10llO - V.5io... Dlrecti9. and ImpJemeptatiop
In September 2006, PIllDDing staff was directed by Council to report on the next steps involved in implementing tbe "Mimico by tl,e Lake Project 20120: A Pelfoct Pinon lor our Community n.· Since then PJanning staffbas held three major public consultations including a weelc long planning and design charette in April 2009, led by Urban Strategies. In September 2009, a Proceedings Report and Action Plan for the Mimico 20/20 revitalization was completed and publicly considered by Council. Among other matters. Council adopted the Planning staff recommendations and directed Staff to schedule a community consultation meeting on the Mimico 20120 reports and recommendations. As noted by Planning Staff. at the core ofthe actions. was a recommendation for a City-initiated Official Plan.Amendment for the creation of a framework that addresses key policy areas including land usc, rental housin& density. infrastructure, design and open space and complete this work including public meetings through 2010.
As summarized in the Urban Strategies Action Memo in September 2009, there were seven "key moves" proposed to address and balance the cballcnges and opportunities inherent to revitalizing Mimico-By-The-Lake and attracting future investmcDt including (paraphrased):
• Creating a more focused "Village Heart" and concentrated core and expanding it toward the water along existing and new city streets • Expanding the street network south of Lake Shore Boulevard to provide greater waterfront access, break up largc.sites into more marketable/developable pieces and create new addresses for future development • Introducing ncw east-west pedestrian and vehicle connections south of Lake Shore Boulevard and north oftbe water's edge • Expanding the waterfront park area • Upgrading the quality and character ofLakc Shore Boulevard as more of a "main street" while balancing its role as a through travel route • Accommodating a greater diversity ofbousing types by developing DCW residential and mixed use buildings south of Lake Sbore Boulevard, while retaining existing rental housing • Intensifying the north side ofLake Shore Boulevard with new mixed use developments sensitive to the adjacent residential neighbourhood A "conceptual" urban structure plan was recommended to support the revitalization visioo including an expansion ofthe public open space and linear parle system south- and along the waterfront ofthe Longo Properties site, an expanded public road network. and access to the waterfront and trail system.
An illustrative land use plan was also recommended in support of the vision. Intensification was not envisioned everywbere or desired in Mimico-By-Thc-Lakc: However. the "Apartment
Neighbourhood" (Area A) including and adjacent to the site was specifically identified as an
"area ofgreatest cl.ange and intensification allticipatetf".
Other relevant land use and deosity directions in the Action Plan relevant to the overall vision and the Longo Properties site included (paraphrasing):
• Other than this (Longo Properties) site (and one cluster ofbuildings at the east end of the
study area), the removal ofexisting apartment buildings is not cootemplated - any redevelopment wiu require a one·for-one replacemenl ofrental housing consistent with Toronto Official Plan policies
•. The plan proposes the exte.osion of Noms Crescent to maximize opportunities for revitalization and to fully connect the evolving apartment neigbboUIbood with the swrounding context
• Lake Shore Boulevard wiD be retained as an important "Main Street" connecting ctirectJy to the new "Village Heart" and mixed use core • To move the vision forward and protect the existing quantum ofrental units, significant new de.osity is required based on economic assessoient - including replacing existing buildings. de.osities in the mage of 3.S to 6 times the lot area may be sufficient to permit and provide incentive for landowners and developers to undertake redevelopment (the highest density and most wban forms wiD occur within the mixed usc Village Heart and the Longo Properties site)
• The development framework directs density to targeted locations, primarily around the mixed use Village Heart and the (Longo Properties) site (a large site under single ownership where a desire for significant change has been expressed).
The Mimico 20120 vision has recognized that the existing Apartment Neighbourhood land use designation on the Longo site and adjacent lands south ofLate Shore Boulevard needs to be amended to implement the revitalization goals and embrace wider change. The consultants and city have recognized that the Mimico-By-The-Lake community has gen.eralJy remained stagnant, with little investment or revitalization. It was concluded that, overall. this waterfront community was a bighly suitable candidate for sensitive growth and change and that attracting new investment will help to: Protect existing rental housing. while creating more balanced housing choices Continue efforts to open up the waterfront to the community Make more efficient use of land along an important city Avenue (Lake Shore Blvd) Reconfigure land parcels to allow for a more connected and complete street and block pattern • Create opportunities for new parlcs, open spaces and expanded community amenities • Bring much needed new pbysical and social infrastructure to the neighboUIbood • Unlock a significant land asset Specifically, land use change and directions related to the Longo site include:
2521-2543 Lake Silore Boulevard West lias beell identified as a locatioll suitable/or sigllfjicant
• • • •
change arid inlellsfjication (tile Longo 's site), peIJding tlte provision ofrequired illfrastructure.
Intensification ofthis large, deep sile will require the introduction afa more urban street grid across II,e sile to breok up tl,e parcel andfillly con"~1 il inlo the existing street and patll system. Tilis will help ensure thai the site operates as an integraled component ofthe \v/der area and /oslers afeeling ofp'lblic accessibility. To help achieve tlris. the Plan identifies two new east-west streets south ofLoIre Shore Boulevard thai \viII create a nonnallzed street grid and sulHiiltide tile deep parcel/nlo marketable blocks. Where viable, connections tlrrollglt to Non-is Crescent sholiid be pursued. Tire area sl.ould remain predominantly residential \vIth limited commercial permissio". To allimate important prtblic areas, commercial permissions cOllld be colrsidered alollg lAke. Shore BOlllevard amI/or selected locatio", froll,ing the water. Also fronting the water is tll(~ expanded trail system and tile prowsion ofa new watt!1front park. nis is an impottant initiative for ensllring that tl,e waterfront remains publicly accessible. New buildings and/or addilions to existi"g buildings musl be complementary to exisl;ng buildings. Taller buildings should transition to lower buildings and established neighbourhood areas. All new del.elopment nlUslfront onlo public streets, providing tJ clear address and access to new bu;Jdings.
A number of other recommendations and strategies were put forward for the next "Implementation" phase of the Mimico 20120 revitalization. Although delayed through 2010. this work is now underway and expected to be complete by the end of20J 1. We have included some ofthe stIategic land usc directions and revitalization concepts recommended for this an:a in September 2009 by Urban Strategies in Apptm4ix A IInti B.
A DeveiopmeDt CODcept for the Logo
Building OD these land use and stIategic directions, Longo Properties bas assembled a planning and design team to assist with developing a concept for their property that could help implement the land use and revitalization vision. The professional team includes: land use and development planning (Armstrong Hunter &. Associates), architecture (Grilziani+Corazza Architects), landscape architecture (MBTW Group), heritage (E.R.A Architects), transportation (BA Group), servicing/stormwater management (RV Anderson). surveying (R. Avis Surveying). Other professionals and specialists will be conSulted and brought in as required in the future to articulate and develop the coDCcpt and designs. BrandoaISlobodsky is assisting with required communications for this complex proposal. All have exceptional ex.perience working on complex revitalization initiatives and redevelopments in Toronto and along the waterfront.
There are a number of important planning and design priorities and interests inhereot to the proposed redevelopment concept. We must stress that this is just a "concept". an idea or an approach as to how the owner and its professional team, presently sec implementing and balancing a number ofthe important principles and objectives stated for this site in the context of Mimico 20120. These include:
Relltlll HOllsing
• A commitment to replacing aU 396 existing rental housing units on-site (J : 1
• Maintaining the existing unit mix (87% bachelor and I bedrooms)

Maintaining the existing rents (subject to existing city and provincial policy) - as of2011 rent rolls and CMHC average rents - 80% ofthe existing unit rents are CODSidered "affordable", 19% are "mid-range". and 1% "bigb-ead"
Replacing a substantial amount ofthe rental housing in the tint deve10plDCDt phase in one oftwo, a..l0 storey buildings, contemporary in design and amenities. at the site's entJy on Lake Shore Boulevard

Developing a tenant communication. mitigation and rcJ.ocation stmegy early in the process working closely with the City and existing residents well in advance offinal approvals and demolition Compliance with existing City and Provincial rental housing policy and programs

• A new public open space fiaming thc entrance to the new neighbourhood at Lakc Shan: Boulevard opposite Queens Avenue and the existing parle . • Providing a new public street as the ceutral "spinc" ofthe new neighbourhood with contemporary m:e-lined.streetscapes, and wcJ1-dcfined and scaled base buildings with active uses leading to and with vistas of tho waterlioat • A Heritage Garden and pedestrian entry common leading to the water's edge, conserving and R'lStorinscXisdng heritaaJe resources and landscape clements, where appropriate and feasa"ble in a more publicly prominent place • Possible extension of the Mimico linear waterfront park. open space and trail system • Possible extension ofa public road link to thc cul-de..sacs at Douglas Boulevard and possibly Norris Crescent • Focusina vehicular access and driveways to individual development sites away from and offthc new central public street
• Work with the City and community to provide accurate information on the heritage raourccs presently "listed" as the "Mimico Estate" (2523 LIke Shore Boulevard West), 8 complete undcrataading of the history and evolution of tho wate.r&ont property and a balanced consideration of its ftature evolution in this revitaIizinJ n~ We understand that City Heritage Preservation Services bas recommended that the property be desipated. The owner was until very recently unaware of this recommendation to designate the property. and through its solicitor has corresponded with the City on this matter. • Establish an approach to the conservation ofheritagc n:aourocs with the site's revitalization and redevelopment including potentially relocating the central Dunington­ Grubb·gardens to the southern waterfront edge and pedestrian common; conserving and
restoring other familiar garden and landscape elements (eg. stone walls); relocatiDg the original Ormsby House to a waterfront location either on-site or in the acijacent city parle where it would be more publicly prominent and potentiaUy adaptively re-used for non· residential or community purposes
• Providing a new public road system within the site that win appropriately consider and provide for the access needs of the proposed development. future redevelopment of adjacent properties and public accessibility to the waterfront tiom Lake Shore Boulevard
• A preferred new traffie signal OD Lake Shore Boulevard at the site's public road entry
opposite Queens Avenue • New development can be acceptably and appIopriately accommodated on the IU'e8 street system., with traffic volumes that will not change the character of function of existing public streets in the vicinity • Enhanced pedestrian and bike circulation opportunities between Lake Shore Boulevard. within the site and through and along the waterfront • A pmting supply which replaces the existing amount of resident parking (288 spaces for existing building tcoants and visitors) whDc providina paIting for new condominium development based upon. the City's rccolDDlClldcd new Policy Area 4 (PA4) standards (sites located on an Avcnuc with surface transit)
SenldnglStormWlller MIllUlgMlent
• Identification and review of existing stonn, sanitary and water services available for the site and City ofToronto criteria with respect to such services and storm water management • Investigation of the capacity of existing municipal sanitary sewers and watcrmains • Developing a needs and supply strategy for the proposed development with respect to servicing 8Dd the phuina of new development
und Use, Built Po,.", ""d Dalp.
• Eobancing the raJlIC ofhousing choices on site and in the community through the replacement of the existing 396 rental units in two 8-10 storey buiJdings along Lake Shore Boulevard, contempormy in design and amenities while accommodating just over 1,500 new condominium suites fot a variety ofhouseholds • Maintainina a predominantly Apartment Nciabbourbood area with solect and limited locations for convenience or specialized comm.orciaJ usc along Lake Shore Boulevard and the Watcrfi'ont rcspectivoJy (so as to support and compliment and not detract fulm the importance of a strong Mimieo-By-The-Lake CODUDCJ'Cial and business core to the cast)
• Street-related buildings with reSidential units and pedestrian lobbies along all public streets generaUy three (3) storeys high • Six (6), well-separated, "point tower" buildings I'IIDging in height from 20-44 storeys with the tallest buildings away ftom the adjacent stable neighbourhood north ofLake Shore Boulevard and then stepping down again tOWaM the waterfront (similar to the taller building approacb in the Nimico 20120 concepts and recent directions in Humber Bay Shores) • Appropriate and contemporary resident amenities (indoor and outdoor) within high quality building designs • OveraU development densities in the range of4.8 times the lot area (gross land including water lot) and 6 times the lot area (without the water 101) coosistent with the recommendations ofMimico 20120 and other intensifying and revitalizing waterfront locations of the city such as Humber Bay Shores We have met with senior City Planning staff to discuss the next steps ofMimico 20120, the preliminary development concept and strategy to pursue only an Official Plan Ameodmcnt at this
Longo properties has also held a preliminary opeo house with existing residents ofAmedeo Court in February to discuss these early concepts and ideas.
Again. the intent is not to "get out ahead" of the City and community. but to continue to paraDe) the next stage of the implementation phase ofMimico 20120 such that ideally both the community and Longo site revitalization interests continue to evolve JDd become better defined. Longo Properties and its professional team have participated patiently and cooperatively to date and look forward to continued productive and amicable discussions through the next phase ofMimico 20120 and the processing of the OPA (and future Rezoning and Site Plan applications).
In support ofthe proposed Official Plan Amendment application, and in addition to this overview planning rationale and submission letter, please find euclosed: • Swvey (legal and topographic) - R. Avis Survcyina (20 copies)- September 2008 • Site,Plan, Statistics, Ground Floor and Underground Plan concepts - Graziani+Corazza Architects (20 copies) • Landscape Concept Plan including "Ideas and Elements" - The MBTW Group (20 copies) - black and white large scale and coloured I lxI7 copies • "Before" and "After" Images to explain ideas. principles and intent of the revitalization concept (11x17 colour copies) • Urban Transportation Considerations - BA Group (8 copies) • Functional Servicing Brief - R.V Anderson (8 copies) • City OPA AppJication Fonn (authorized and signed) together with OPA fee
On behalf ofLon,go Properties and its professional team, we look forward to contiDuina to work with the City, existing tenants, community stakeholders IDd other agencies to appropriately revitalize this large and prominent property in the context of the Mimico 20120 vision. Again. we acknowledge this win involve refining development concepts and providing more detailed technical reports including: arboristltrce preservation, microclimate (sunlshadc and pedestrian wind), heritage. transportation, servicing/storm water lD8D88ement, green standardleuviroDm.eDtaisustainabllity. coviroumentallDd natural heritage studies (watcrftoot), and rental housing demolition application, strategy and permit We trust you wiD find the eoclosed information and OPA application form complete. Please Jet us know if you need anything further or require clarification. Yourstndy.
J. Hunter, MelP, RPP Principal
c. Councillor Mark Grimes D. 1.0Il10. Lonao Properties
Loaao Properties PIanninc and Design Team
Excerpts from MbIaa: 20121(__ 2001)
Zone F:
Existing Conditions
a Private lake frontage . b Hrghly internalized sIte surrounding com mun:ty .
not integrated with tile
Restricted private street access - no public
access through the site.
Oead end street not connected into the wider
system .
e Vacant waterfront pa rcel - no public acces s.
L ane~vay character of Doug!as Blvd limits publiC reajm improvement opportunities.
Good quality building stock should be retained. Undertake Heritage Impact As sessment for potential heritage eiements of Estate .
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Zone F: The Potential Opportunity
New waterfront park and expansion of trail system. Retention of existing buildings.
C On-site intensification options.
New north south and east west streets introduced to normal ize the net-Nork and reconnect this large site into the wider community.
e Creation of a transitional zone for building height
and massing to provide a good fit with the established neighbourhood,
f Extend Norris Crescent as a lake front drive . g Significant redevelopment and/or replacement potential.
Create opportunities for diversification of uses to introduce retail. commercial or recreation along Lake Shore Bou levard and/or the waterfront (where viable) .
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Zone F:
The Potential Opportunity [cant.]
Smaller tower footp rints with good spacing in betv/een.
Podium base creates a pedestrian-scale experience at grade and conceals parking and servicing.
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Excerpt from Mlmico-By-The-Lake Implementation Action Memo . (September 23rd, 2009)
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keeping with re-urbanization objectives, the Plan recommends that existing underutilized sites. particularly on the northern side of the street, be targeted for intensification. The illustrative plan below identifies the recommended land uses in support of the vision.
Figure 2: Proposed Land Use Plan
Mixed Use AtN ·TIW v~ HNtllareas of growth
r777.J AplftftWnC NeIghbourhood 8 ~ -potenD" foI subscam'" on-sil.lnlt'fIstflcation ..,d Mighbourhood iInptow!rMm
ApartftWnC~ (
-eristing , ......_
wilh minimal chang(> amicipltflJ
P.,,", and ep.n Spiel'
, • , . Sfudy AI•• Boundary Plan not 10